School of the Possible
School of the Possible
Dave Gray

Welcome to School of the Possible

Designing a better school to create a better world.

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About Us

It’s time to rethink education. We are inspired by projects like the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College, and the Essen Institute. The purpose of the school is to design a better school, to create a better world.

Why You Should Join Us

The School of the Possible is a rethinking of what school means. First and foremost, it’s a school of thought, based on the idea that anything is possible. Secondly, it is a learning network, a place to explore adjacent possibilities, a safe place for ideas and random collisions with other possibilitarians, The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. The future is ours to create. Join us!

A Big Thanks

A big thank you to our first two founding members, Raines Cohen and Dolly Parikh, for helping to create this space for emergent possibility.